You’ll never go anywhere standing still.
So get up, and work while you’re productive.
Take care of your body while you’re living in it.
Explore the edges of the world while you’re curious.
Here are some tips that will help you live a life a little different than the norm. Trade in your pantsuit for flip flops, your daily habits for a longer life, and prepare to go nowhere but everywhere.
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About Me

Studying a double major of Global Management and Marketing, I had acquired a comprehensive look about different cultures and how to do business in other parts of the world. This was not enough for me, it seemed so one dimensional. So, taking matters into my own hands, I am just going. Going to every continent, every country and city I can. It’s important to always be learning. This is my mind body and soul. As a digital nomad, I am teaching myself everything I know, by myself. As a young girl in her 20’s, I have realized the ultimate value of health, and how it can make a great impact while you are young. And for my soul, travel is what feeds it. You can call it an addiction, you can call it an expensive habit, I call it living.

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